Largest borderline cancerous ovarian tumor removed.

14 kg ovarian tumor was removed from the abdomen of a 21 yr old youngster.

Surgery was done 3 weeks back by Dr.Chitrathara & team at Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi. She felt her stomach becoming full with minimal quantity of food since 1 yr and underwent tests for breathlessness of 1 month duration. A CT or MRI scan could not be done prior to surgery since she could not even lie straight on back. It was very difficult to remove the tumor without rupturing since the tumor was extending to under the bony parts of abdomen (tummy)

It is very important to remove these tumors without bursting. If it burst and cells fall inside the tummy, they will have a miserable future life, repeated surgeries and finally succumb to death because of the collection of jelly like material inside tummy. This situation will not respond to cancer chemotherapy (medicines) or radiation.

Even though such large benign tumors are reported before, this is the largest cancerous tumor ever reported.

The surgery team included in addition to HOD of surgical oncology Dr. Chitrathara, Dr. Neha, Dr Neetha, Dr.Remya, Dr. Simi Sooraj and anaesthesia chief Dr. Mohan Mathew.

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DR Chitrathara K

HOD & Senior Consultant in Surgical & Gynaec Oncology. VPS Lakeshore Kochi
Specialized in gynecological, urological, and breast cancer surgeries.

  • Actively participated in the development of surgical oncology as a separate speciality in Kerala
  •  First lady Urologist of Kerala.
  • Started Kerala's first Gynaecological Cancer Surgery unit at Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram in 1993 & urological oncology in 2009.
  • Authored malayalam book “ Sthreekalile Arbudam-Ariyendathellam” published in 2014 by DC books
  • Editor of the following books - Ovarian Cancer (2008), Cervical cancer (2010) and Uterine Cancer (2015).

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